Blick Online 30-07-01

Are we a nation of dog-eaters?
by Alexander Sautter

Zürich – In Switzerland also, dogs and cats end up on peoples plates and more often than you would believe! Animal welfare activist Edith Zellweger claims:“In rural regions a lot of dog meat is eaten“

Dogs are man’s best friends and, for many, a delicacy!
Pets are not eaten just in China. According to Edith Zellweger they show up on Swiss tables too. The price is about 25 Swiss francs for a kilo of dogmeat. According to Zellweger there are three major suppliers who sell dogmeat illegally. But also in countless farms, dogs and cats end up in cooking-pots. The selling of dog and cat meat in Switzerland is forbidden (see right). Stefan Weber, spokesman for the Master Butcher Association states: “A decent butcher doesn’t slaughter pets, otherwise he has to resign from the Association.“

But during the BSE crisis, the demand for dog meat has increased, animal welfare activist Zellweger (herself the daughter of a butcher) says, “We are a nation of dogmeat eaters.“

Two years ago, animal activists in Freiburg saved seven dogs from ending up in the pot. A dogbutcher at that time reported to Blick, “Dogmeat is much cleaner than the meat of pigs.“
Another pet-butcher reported at that time that “cats taste much better than chickens. In the case of dogs it depends on the race.“

A slaughtered dog doesn’t always end in the frying pan. Melted dogfat is popular as well. It is commonly believed to cure bronchitis, inflamed tonsils and coughs.